Join This Sign-On Effort

Evangelical leaders recently sent a letter to President Donald Trump, expressing concerns regarding the president's recent immigration proclamation temporarily suspending many legal immigration processes and setting aside laws and programs designed to offer protection to those who have been persecuted or have been trafficked.

The letter begins:

We are writing to express our concerns with the Executive Order that you signed on April 22, significantly restricting legal immigration into the United States, as well as with other ongoing restrictions to lawful immigration processes...

As you lead the nation to gradually re-open, we are concerned by these additional restrictions on immigration and by the continued suspension of other legal immigration processes in the absence of a clear plan for re-opening guided by public health considerations. Reducing legal immigration and setting aside laws designed to protect vulnerable people at this time will neither slow the spread of COVID-19 nor speed the economic recovery. Instead, we are concerned that these restrictions will hinder economic growth, contribute to family separation, increase illegal immigration and put vulnerable children and families who have fled persecution at risk of further harm. We urge you to reconsider.

Read the full text of this letter from evangelical leaders to President Trump here and join us below!

Will you sign?